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  • Costa Rican Naranjo - White Honey Process

Origin – Costa Rican

Location – San Juanillo, Naranjo

Cooperative – Coopro Naranjo

Processing – White Honey

Variety – Yellow Catuai

Altitude – 1,500 meters

Cupping notes – Notes of tangerine, plum, honey and red apple. Very juicy with a pleasant aftertaste.

What is Honey Processed coffee? No. It isn't roasted with honey. The pulped natural process is frequently referred to as the honey process, with producers leaving various amounts of mucilage adhering to the parchment.  There can also be varying levels of honey processed coffee, typically referred to as black, red, or yellow (white) honey. This is where it gets a bit complicated. In some regions, the level of honey is determined by the frequency of turning the parchment while drying, with the black end of the spectrum being turned least often. Not turning the coffee often allows the sugars to caramelize quickly on the outside of the parchment, leaving it stained a dark maroon or "black" color. In other places, the degree of honey is determined by the amount of mucilage left on the parchment. In this scenario, the black end of the spectrum has the most mucilage left on, while the yellow has the least. There are no hard and fast rules with terminology for honeys as there is currently no global processing standards (one day?!), but having this basic understanding will be a great start. 

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Costa Rican Naranjo - White Honey Process

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