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  • El Salvador SHG Santa Ana Honey Process -  green stock

Made with 100% arabica coffee / Fair Trade / Shade Grown

Notes of milk chocolate, cherry, mild strawberry and toffee - roasted at medium

Available in 1 lb (16 oz) 12 oz. 1/2 lb (8oz) and 5 lb (80oz) bags

The El Salvador Shade Grown Santa Ana is a collection of coffee from a multitude of coffee producers in the region of Santa Ana in Apeneca, Lamatepeq. The coffees that are grown in these areas and create the Santa Ana brand, are mostly bourbon and pacas. This mill has been known to provides consistent quality and takes great care in their processing from the farm level all the way to the mill.

Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude: 1100-1250m

Varieties: Bourbon - Pacas

Process: Honey (a process by which the skin and pulp are removed, but some or all of the interior fruit (Honey) remains during the drying process. This fermentation lends a winey and rich flavor to the coffee. The Honey is later removed before shipping and roasting).

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El Salvador SHG Santa Ana Honey Process - green stock

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