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Blazing Bean Roasters Coffee Stain Contest
Win a FREE pound of Specialty Grade Coffee!!

As you know our logo is a coffee stain with tails to represent flames (for Blazing. As in BLAZING Bean...get it??). We know there is a great amount of talent and imagination out there. In the spirit of this we want to see what you guys can do with your coffee and the open canvas of your imagination.

One winner a month will be chosen to get a free pound of freshly roasted Blazing Bean coffee! The closer you are to our logo the more likely you'll be chosen.
Paul and I are the final judges.

Winning entries will be posted on our Facebook and website pages with your name, so no naughty entries. We are a family friendly website.
I'm just sayin...

First, go ahead and register a new account on our website. We won't spam you with emails or sell your information (unless you submit naughty photos and then become really famous. THEN we might). The account is so that if you win we can send you the coupon code to choose your free coffee.

Second, submit your entries to: in jpeg or gif formats. Also include your name and anything you want to say about your submission. 

Here are the rules:

Submitted photos can be real (accidental or staged), drawn, painted, photo shopped, mosaic, quilted, crocheted, sky written etc. We ask that you use your imagination and have fun, so please don't just get your three year old to download a picture off the internet.

Please no duplicate entries. Once you submit you're in the contest. If you don't win one month you may win the next. One win per submission. If you want to enter again with a different photo feel free!

If you send a naughty entry it will be removed from the contest and you will not be eligible for the free coffee prize. However, the photo will be circulated among family and friends along with your name and email address so that, as mentioned above, one day when you are famous we can sell it to gossip magazines and make a fortune.

Off you go now. HAVE FUN!!