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Have you always dreamed of owning your own cafe? The kind of place where people sit & chat? A place with music, laughter and atmosphere?

Whether your dreaming of a place with an industrial steam-punk vibe, an atmosphere of an old bookshop pulled out of pre-WWII London or classical music and white linens, we are here to help.

In a wholesale partnership we can provide the highest quality coffee and assistance in proper brewing techniques. Depending on your venue we can do staff training, customer classes or private label! Let's talk about your ideas and how we can help!

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Are you planning a fund raiser? Are you dreaming of finding a unique item to present? Something that will grab people's attention?

According to USA Today in 2013, the National Coffee Assoc. stated that 83% of Americans drank coffee, making US the largest consumer of the beverage. That was up from 78% the year before.

Whether you need funds for a new playground, a trip for your church group, or wanting to help out a chum or colleague, we can help.

In a fund raising partnership we can provide high quality coffee roasted to order. In Pinellas County we'll deliver to your location for free. We can even discuss putting the name of your fund raiser on the logo. Let's talk about your ideas and how we can help!

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Our goal to is to see you be successful.

Here's how :

  • At Blazing Bean Roasters we only roast to order, then deliver within 1-2 days. This allows your coffee to off-gas before consumption, thereby increasing its natural sweetness and define its body. The exception is our espresso blend. We allow this blend to rest 5 days to enhance the balance, body and flavor.
  • We select coffee from around the globe. Some of the selections may rotate as not all regional coffee is available throughout the year. This gives your customers a chance to always have something new to try.
  • We offer private blending. We can develop a blend just for you! Heck, we won't even sell it at our place! This option is for your customers who like what they know, and know what they like! Your private blend will always be there for them!
  • We can discuss private labeling for you.
  • We love to teach! We can help train staff on brewing methods, coffee origins or even have you come to our facility to see us roast a batch or two! Do you have customers who like to be in the know? We can schedule a casual class about coffee for them. We'll review coffee from seed to cup.
  • Free delivery in Pinellas County.


We want to partner with you and help you Live the Dream.