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Coffee Subscriptions

Blazing Bean Roasters is happy to offer coffee subscription services through PayPal.

Notes / comments / requests

The drop down menu options are as follows:

Roaster's Choice
- Two 1lb different single origin coffees

Two Dog + Roaster's Choice
 - 1lb of Two Dog Blend + 1lb of a Single Origin

Two Dog Only
- 2lbs of Two Dog Blend

Luna-Tic Espresso + Roaster's Choice
 - 1lb of Luna-Tic + 1lb of a Single Origin

Luna-Tic Espresso Only
- 2lbs of Luna-Tic Espresso Blend

Decaf + Roaster's Choice
- 1lb of Decaf coffee + 1lb of a Single Origin

Decaf Only
- 2lbs of Decaf

Roaring40s Espresso + Roaster's Choice
 - 1lb of Roaring 40s + 1lb of a Single Origin

Roaring40s Espresso Only
- 2lbs of Roaring 40's Reduced Caffeine Espresso

Brown Velvet Only
- 2lbs of Brown Velvet Espresso

Our Roaster's Choice will rotate through our seasonal and routine single origin coffees as available.

To subscribe, select an option from the drop down menu to the left, enter any notes or comments and hit "Subscribe"

The first order will be entered the day of signup, with the coffee being roasted and shipped on the following Monday. Subsequent months will be billed on the same date with the coffee similarly being roasted and shipped the following Monday.

The offering is two pounds per month for $35.99.

      2 lbs of coffee at $15.00/lb for a total of $30.00

      USPS flat rate priority mail for $5.99

To cancel the subscription, use your paypal account.

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Bub's Blend Reduced Caffeine Espresso Blend

Bub's Blend Reduced Caffeine Espresso Blend

A variation of our Luna-Tic Espresso blend. This blend is still two rich and chocolaty Central/South..


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