Artisan Coffees Shipped to your Door

About Us

We are a wife and husband team, Kristen and Paul.

It all started with my husband's interest, uh, obsession really, in learning to roast our own beans. Next thing I know my hot air popper was hijacked and green coffee beans were twirling away inside. The smell of toasty goodness was wafting through the air. *We are not recommending that you whip out your hot air popcorn popper and start roasting your own coffee. THAT would be  against the manufacturers recommended usages and can be a fire hazard. That being said, we tasted the coffee and knew we could never drink store bought again. That, and I wanted my purloined popper back as well as reducing the fire potential. So a week later we had a Hot Top roaster and haven't gotten store bought coffee since.

Paul spent the next couple of years roasting and ordering beans from around the world. Ethiopia, Bali, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica. It was the next best thing to traveling to those places... well, not really, but I'll take what I can get. I spent that year basking in the luxury of home roast. Learning to detect subtle flavors like blueberry, whiskey and chocolate. Lulled by the soothing sounds of our little Hot Top churning away in the kitchen. It was amazing how different the finished product was from anything we had been buying in a store! We began giving coffee to friends and family who would ask for refills - of course. Paul spent much time learning which beans were to our liking as well as the best way to roast them.

Then came the fateful day, when like so many others, I was laid off from work. Finally, my wonderful husband suggested we (and by we, he meant me) do coffee roasting. He proposed that with my training in culinary arts, science and administration it would be a fit! So started the crash courses in roasting, sales and business management. Voila! Blazing Bean Roasters, and a very full and extensive resume! Minus fire fighting.