Artisan Coffees Shipped to your Door

Shipping Information

We use USPS flat rate priority for shipping.

For Roasted Coffee:

Up to 3 lbs is $5.99 <- Flat rate envelope

From 4 to 7 lbs is $12.65 <- Medium Flat rate box

From 8 to 12 lbs is $15.99 <- Large Flat rate box

Anything over 12 lbs is $25 <- We'll sort it out on our end, it might be multiple boxes or 1 large box based on amount.


Green coffee shipping is as follows:

1-5lb - $5.99 <- Flat rate envelope

6-15lb - $12.65 <- Medium flat rate box

16-25lb <- $25.00 <- will sort out at shipment, might be 1 or two boxes. If folks like to order this much, we'll get it better defined.


Note, if a mix of raw and roasted coffee is ordered, shipping will be calculated on the table for roasted coffee.